I love babies. I love babies. I love-love-LOVE babies. Omg. I miss my baby cousin so much, I would drop everything right now if I could, and go drive that long, grape-vine drive just to see him and his chubby-face. /SIGH. He’s my man.

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icy-days said: What’s Coachella? I think the word sounds pretty funny tbh. ouo;;ignore icy-days

Coachella is a spring music festival in Palm Springs, California. It’s really hyped up every year. xD Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool festival and most of the time you always spot celebrities somewhere, but everyone always blows it out of proportion every year even though it happens…… every year. LOL. I guess it’s just something people are very excited about, but then again people are excited about almost every music festival out in California. Haha.

mr-idc said: The first time I’ve ever heard of Coachella I thought it was an instrument.

An instrument??? LOL.

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When people bitch about Coachella ‘cause they couldn’t go.
When people bitch about Coachella because they DID go.
When people bitch about buying tickets for Coachella, selling them, and then crying that everyone went besides them.
When people bitch about Coachella, PERIOD.


the beginning.

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  1. my
  2. girlfriend says
  3. i’m a
  4. hot
  5. bae

and I only believe it when she says it. LOLOLololOLOL. no really though:

  2. COME
  3. BACK
  4. TO
  5. ME
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